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Chicago's professional basement cleaning experts.  We clean up any type of basement from flood, water, mold, fire, hoarding, junk removal, or debris.  If you have a need to get your basement back in good condition.


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We are a clean-up company based in Chicago, and we offer services like cleaning up basements from flood, water, mold, fire, hoarding, junk removal, debris or even just a good deep general cleaning. Our professional service engulfs the entire Chicago and surrounding suburbs from Aurora to Evanston.

If you ever thought your basement needs a thorough cleaning but you don't have the free time and necessary resources to do it yourself just call on us, we help you with making your basement look refreshing again. 

Basement flooding can cause unimaginable damage to a house because basements are located low in the house and as result of that can be flooded if there is excess of water.

The flood might not be noticed on time which in turn may destroy valuable properties kept in the basement.

Our clean-up service team are well-trained and qualified at handling:

  • Wipe down walls, base boards, doors, window sills, trim, fixtures

  • Vacuum corners, beams, exposed studs, empty surfaces

  • Cleanup, sanitizing, disinfect, deodorizing

  • Remove junk, debris and trash

  • Empty, clean out and sanitize crawl space

  • Power wash walls, concrete flooring and solid fixtures

  • Get rid of bad odors in the basement

  • Antimicrobial treatment for bacteria or fungus growth

  • Clean-up the basements of properties that have been abandoned for long periods of time

  • Removal of unwanted or perishables, old furniture, old appliances, cabinets, old sinks, tubs, etc.

  • Perform foundation repairs for cracks in walls and floors

  • Perform Dry wall and flooring repairs

  • Painting which includes sanding, taping

  • Fix light plumbing issues

  • Replace and/or repair tile, linoleum or hardwood flooring  

  • Basement Waterproofing

After extraction of the excess water is done and the basement is completely dried, look around for any structural damage or you notice mold growth anywhere. If any, please don't hesitate to call the clean-up guys as soon as possible. We can help you begin the mold remediation process. We are ever at your service. 

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