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We are known in the Chicago area for professional basement cleaning and crawlspace cleanups!  We clean up any type of basement from flood, water, mold, sewage, fire, hoarding, junk removal, or debris and trash.  We have 23 years of cleaning and restoration experience. So if you have a need to get your basement back in good condition, don’t worry. WE CAN HELP!
We are an A rated BBB company. Our name says it all!

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The CleanUP Guys will send their team to:

  • Wipe down walls, baseboards, doors, window sills, trim, fixtures
  • Vacuum corners, beams, exposed studs, empty surfaces
  • Cleanup, sanitizing, disinfect, deodorizing, and, if necessary, power wash
  • Sewage Backup Cleanup and Removal
  • Remove junk, debris and trash, and clean due to hoarding
  • Empty, clean out and sanitize crawl space
  • Power wash walls, concrete flooring and solid fixtures
  • Get rid of nasty odors
  • Antimicrobial treatment for bacteria or fungus growth
  • Removal of calcium build up on wall surfaces
  • Cleanup the basements of properties that have been left unattended for extended periods of time
  • Remove of unwanted items, perishables, old furniture, old appliances, cabinetry, old sinks, tubs
  • Perform foundation repairs for cracks in walls and floors
  • Waterproofing and sealing, epoxy
  • Perform Drywall and flooring repairs
  • Prep and paint, including sanding, taping and other procedures necessary.
  • Fix light problems with plumbing and fixtures
  • Replace and/or repair tile, linoleum or hardwood flooring

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Customer Testimonials

“Very professional and easy to work with! Would definitely use them again.”

Heather Galiher, @Properties, Chicago 5-Star Google Review

“Very responsive to a last minute emergency. They were great communicators and I always knew what was going on. I appreciate their quick attention.”

Jackie Anderson, Chicago 5-Star Google Review

Regina W.
Black Mountain, NC

5.0 Star Rating

Very fast efficient service and priced reasonably. They did two jobs for me, each one was a unique case and they adapted easily. One was a clean sanitize and fumigate and the other was cleaning out a dusty dirty crawl space. Well worth the Price.

5 Star Yelp Review

R C.
Chicago, IL

5.0 star rating 3/27/2017

Just moved into a new home a few months ago and needed the dusty crawlspace cleaned out and prepped to install carpet. Called these guys on a Thursday, had an appointment for Monday morning. These guys were very competitive on pricing and did a knockout job. Christopher showed up and was early, polite, and did exactly what I needed him to do. Highly recommend, five stars all around.

5 Star Yelp Review

Get rid of basement mold. (See our Mold Removal and Remediation Services)
What’s the Real Story? A Flood Below: Water in Your Basement

Basement flooding damage can be costly to homeowners.

Because basements are low lying locations they are subject to flooding by any kind of excessive water runoff. Over $1 billion of insurance claims were filed last year, making it one of the costliest problems a homeowner can face.

Basement flooding can be caused by water entering through cracks in the walls or broken pipes or water heaters, or drains in or nearby can become clogged.

You may have many value possessions stored in your basement which are not used often. A flood there may go unnoticed and damage or destroy many of your valuable items.

(See our Sewage Clean Up Services)

Remember – you should always turn off all electrical power before you enter a basement that has flooded. Take pictures to show your insurance company what damage has been done. Remove as many items as you possibly can from the basement before beginning any type of water extraction. Sump pumps are advised for use in basements; they take care of flooding as it occurs, and before the water has a chance to gain a foothold.

After the water has been extracted and the basement dried out, check for structural damage or evidence of mold growth. If you find mold, call The CleanUP Guys immediately! We can help you begin the mold remediation process. Cracks in the structure need to be repaired at once since the damage is constantly increasing. We are the real deal. We provide fast water cleanup services.
This is where our expertise comes in. We have dealt with so many basements over the years, we have more than likely come across your type of issue before. We know how to handle it and what to do to get your basement back to normal.

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