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Sewage backup can result in what is called Black Water. This is classified as Category 3, which is hazardous waste. The cause of Black Water may be drains, broken pipes, or foundation cracks. If you have a sewage backup problem, don’t risk your health, let our experienced team handle it for you.

We’ve been keeping the greater Chicago area clean (and safe) for more than 23 years! Sewage sludge can slither under baseboards, trim, under furniture and other objects in the property where it occurs. A thorough cleaning and sanitizing is absolutely necessary to get to the bottom of each of these areas to make sure that no deposits of the nasty film remain.

We have the experience necessary to get rid of every vestige of sewage muck that exists in your property, particularly in the basement area, and cleaning raw sewage in crawlspace.

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When providing sewage cleanup under house, it can be quite the daunting task when sewage is found outside of the plumbing system, and sitting in a household, commercial property or beneath the property. In simple terms, sewage is a collection of all things that we no longer want though in a liquid form. This would include but not limited to, water from washings, feces, urine, wastes from laundry, and other waste materials from drains, toilets and septic tanks.

Because of its biohazardous nature sewage can be very toxic and one of the worst forms of pollution know to man. Many find it a challenge to implement effective sewage disposal and treatment mechanisms that work. No matter what method used, there is always the chance that something will go wrong with your sewage and plumbing system. And that is the time you need to call for help fast!

Since cleaning raw sewage in crawlspace is essentially composed of human wastes, there is practically no simple way to make a sewage cleanup. Some of us do not mind putting all our wastes, literally ‘down the drain’. Like candy wrappers, meat and fish bones, vegetable and fruit seeds, powders and oil get washed away in our effort to prepare a sumptuous meal. Only to realize down the line the amount of damage this can cause to a plumbing and sewage system.

The problem is that these ‘wastes’ further render the wastewater more harmful than it already is. The mixing of various substances can result in different chemical reactions that can be harmful to the environment or even detrimental to human health. Keeping floor drains free of debris, and sewer systems functioning properly can help to avert future problematic situations.

To get it right there needs to be some sort of separation as to what to put in disposals and what not to put in the drain. Mixing all sorts of various items with different chemical makeups can be a deadly combination if they should ever get belched out into your property.

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There just is no easy way to manage your sewage cleanup. The CleanUP Guys’ professionally trained staff will clean up the sewage backup for you, and get it off your property and disposed of the clean and safe way.

Sewage waste management companies can treat the toxic material and safely get it back into the eco-system. We have been trained at cleaning raw sewage in crawlspace.

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