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Heavy flood damage poses no challenge to us

For those in Oak Park and nearby areas seeking experienced flood remediation experts, The CleanUP Guys are your ideal choice. Our team, renowned for their expertise, is well-equipped to offer comprehensive assistance. We excel in detecting hidden leaks, mitigating piping damage, and removing compromised materials, all to prevent further issues and safeguard your property.

Oak Park, known for its architectural gems and vibrant community life, demands skilled hands to maintain its properties, be it charming homes, bustling offices, or rental facilities. Our in-depth experience ensures that your investment is protected, and any plumbing challenges are resolved promptly.

Trust The CleanUP Guys to keep your Oak Park property in top condition. We’re not just experts in our field; we’re your neighbors committed to preserving the integrity and value of your space. Reach out to us for reliable, swift solutions tailored to the unique character of Oak Park and its surrounding areas.


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trusted fire, water, and mold damage cleanup in Chicago

 Distinguished experts in flood remediation near me in Oak Park


When we receive a call, we don’t cut corners. Our approach requires precise inspection and we don’t waste your time. Once water damage and flooding is mitigated, we ensure that related issues are also addressed in a timely manner. Residents of Oak Park depend on us for a variety of reasons.

Qualified & certified crew

Our technicians have the necessary expertise and skill to tackle all tasks in a timely, cost-effective, and precise manner. This way, your space can quickly become functional again.

Emergency support

In the case that you need immediate water damage cleanup and restoration, our team will arrive ASAP with the gear, tools, and products to effectively mitigate the issue.

Cutting-edge technology

We don’t believe in temporary options. In order to fully remedy the issue at hand and provide a lasting solution, we employ a set of specialized machines, tools, and products.

Lasting quality solutions

We vouch for the quality of our assistance and we work consistently to keep up the highest level of service and customer satisfaction, making sure to keep your trust.

water, fire, and mold damage restoration in Chicago

Oak Park residents turn to us for extensive water damage repairs

Hidden leaks and spills present no mystery to us, as we have tried-and-true methods of inspection and assessment. This way, you can relax knowing that your emergency issue is resolved and tackled without setbacks. Outsource your water damage or flood remediation near me to our team of qualified and reputable specialists. They will be your strongest ally in ensuring the integrity and health of your property.  We are also proficient at sewage cleanup and sanitizing services.

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What to expect from our fire damage restoration


Our staff is skilled at handling a variety of aspects of fire damage. Once we arrive at your premises, we’ll render a free-of-cost assessment. We’ll proceed to boarding up and tarping, removal of soot, smoke damage, odor removal, and general cleaning and sanitization, to prevent ongoing issues. Whatever your requirements may be, lean on us for a tailored solution that will make your space livable and functional once again.  We are near you in Oak Park.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do immediately after water damage?

As a rule of thumb, immediate action is crucial to minimize the effects of the emergency situation or when you notice the warning signs. When there’s flood or water damage of greater extent, you should start off by protecting yourself, your family or coworkers, protecting your appliances, documents, and precious belongings.

Then you should make calls: don’t forget to reach your insurance carrier and to hire specialists in water damage restoration. They will be able to contain the area affected by flood or leak and make a thorough plan to restore your property, dispose of the damaged materials or belongings, and help you move back to your home in Oak Park as soon as possible.

    How do you assess water damage?

    There are some obvious telltale signs of water intrusion in your home. For instance, you’ll see moisture stains on your walls or ceilings. Water rings point to a leak in your pipes. Soft or sagging spots in your floor, whether it’s tiled or hardwood is another way to determine the damage. Cracked or warped laminate, tile, or hardwood panels are also present in more severe cases.

      What happens if you leave water damage?

      If you ignore or leave water damage unaddressed, you can risk the following complications:

      • Weakening construction materials
      • Mold growth and infestations
      • Decomposition of natural materials
      • Toxins and allergens can linger on your belongings for months
        How much does flood damage repair cost?

        The final cost of your flood damage restoration will depend on various factors. Primarily, it will depend on the size and extent of the issue. For instance, the cost can become significantly higher if the water has reached your foundation or caused your flooring to deform or fall out. You’d also have to include the cost of materials that you’ll have to use to replace damaged sealants, plaster, and drywall. To get a quote and honest assessment, contact your local providers in Oak Park today.

          Who can I rely on for precise & long-lasting water damage restoration in Oak Park?

          Fortunately, when you live in Oak Park you don’t have to look far to find a dependable team. Here at the CleanUP Guys, we have been in the business for over two decades, and we possess the necessary skill to mitigate any type of water or flood damage. Spare yourself the worry and enjoy a walk around Frank Lloyd Wright-Prairie School or Ridgeland–Oak Park Historic District while we handle the damage.

          Give us a call if you need comprehensive water damage remediation services in the Chicago area. We can also be your best ally when you’re seeking seasoned water damage remediation experts in Skokie or a dependable team for water damage restoration in Wilmette.

          Reach out to us today and you’ll receive a cost-free on-site assessment!