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Have water damage to your home or business? Act now to call us before it’s too late! With early intervention services from The CleanUP Guys, you may have the chance to prevent long-term or even fatal damage to your health and property! You will benefit from our many proven years of experience.


We will completely dry out your structure to keep your walls and flooring from buckling and bulging. The drying process will protect you and your property from the chance of mold forming.


If mold forms, the area will become hazardous to your general health and will even cause breathing problems. Your pets will suffer too!


Even water that does come from clean running sources in your home, like your faucet, can be a conduit for microbes which cause disease. Cracks in the foundation and sewer backups may carry dangerous airborne bacteria!

  • We urge you to check with your property insurance carrier to see if you have coverage for this matter. Knowing exactly what your options are will prevent a delay in treatment of your property. Make the call promptly since the longer the water stands, the more damage will be done to your property.


Several things to keep in mind about the different kinds of water damage:

    • Category 1- Clean Water Damage – Sources of clean water damage may include water heaters, malfunctioning dishwashers, a city water supply (or even a well) when pipes burst, or lines to appliances or toilets that have been damaged. With prompt and specialized equipment, The CleanUP Guys will save your property’s structure, floor, and contents from flooding damage costs, if you call them quickly.


    • Category 2 - Gray Water Damage – Gray water is water that’s known to contain a significant amount of physical, chemical or biological contamination. Exposure to this water can cause illness and property damage if action isn’t taken quickly! Any water that needs to be sanitized before use is considered gray water. Some sources of gray water may include a urine-filled toilet bowl, dishwasher or washing machine discharge, or even a malfunctioning sump pump. It is important to call The CleanUP Guys immediately since the structure and contents that have been in contact with the gray water will have to be removed. Unfortunately, while a small number of items might be able to be saved and restored, the majority of them will probably be lost.

  • Category 3 – Black Water Damage - This contaminated water is the most dangerous and damaging of all types and must be dealt with immediately! Bacteria levels will rise in stagnating water and, after 48 hours, this black water can cause serious illness and disease. Specialized equipment, sanitation instruments and procedures, and possibly mold remediation must be used by trained specialists like The CleanUp Guys in order to be effective. Please note that sources of black water can include sewage backup, an overflowing river, seawater, or any other infiltration of water from an outside source.


Some things to know about water damage restoration:


Step 1 – Water Removal – The CleanUP Guys will come to your house or business and use commercial grade water-extractors, pumps, and air movers that will cause the water to evaporate. Please do note that until the water has been removed, it is impossible to assess damage.


Step 2 – Carpet and Padding Removal – Flooring, including carpet and padding, may have to be removed. Removing the flooring will ensure no mold is spread as people walk about on the floor.


Step 3 – Recovery and Restoration of Possessions – The CleanUP Guys specialists work as carefully and quickly as possible to restore your possessions! We will evaluate the items affected by the water damage and carefully dry and restore them if at all possible. We have saved documents, photos, artwork, computers and appliances, large and small.


Step 4 – Decontamination and Disinfection – We will disinfect and decontaminate your Chicago home or business so it is safe to use once more. Our formulated solutions make sure bacteria, mold and other contaminants are eliminated.


Step 5 – Drying Equipment Setup – The CleanUP Guys will use air movers and commercial grade dehumidifiers. This speeds up the evaporation and drying processes.


Step 6 – Monitoring of the Overall Environment – We will make sure the humidity levels are normal to prevent the over-saturation of walls and floors.


If your water issue is more serious you will need flood restoration and cleanup. We are experienced specialists in drying out basements and decontamination. Flooding in basements can cause damage to drywall, studs, baseboards and trim and all may need to be removed. Your electrical systems may also be affected.


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