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At The CleanUP Guys, our team is ready to assist you with sewage backup and cleanup services in Chicago, IL, and the nearby areas. Whether you run a business or own a residential property, we can help mitigate the potential dangers of having clogged drainage. In addition to removine all the dirt and grime, we’ll perform thorough sanitization and remediate parts of your drainage system with sewer backup & cleaning services. Our experienced professionals use high-quality equipment and we take a comprehensive approach to sewage cleanup for first-rate results. Give us a call and lean on the expertise and experience of our specialists.


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sewer backup & cleaning services

Why choose us as your sewage cleanup experts in Chicago, IL?


With more than two decades of experience, we’ve built our reputation among local home and business owners for our efficiency and dependability. We focus on ensuring complete satisfaction with our remediation and restoration services, and we work to keep trust by closely following the highest industry standards, including:

Screened & qualified staff

Our staff comprises knowledgeable, reliable and background checked technicians that conduct all tasks with expertise and using specialized tools and products.

Professional equipment

We use a wide array of specialized protective gear, mechanical and electrical tools, effective chemicals and hi-tech cameras to deal with any type of sewer backup.

Available around the clock

Our support hotline is always open for your inquiries and we’re available 24/7 for any type of emergency. Our dedicated team for sewage cleanup will be there promptly and on time to assist you.

Tailored & precise solutions

Whatever issue you called us for, we prioritize your best interests and satisfaction. Your bathroom, shower, kitchen, and more will be disinfected and ready for use after we leave.

sewer backup & cleaning services

 Timely, precise & always available.


Addressing a sewer backup in a timely manner is crucial in order to prevent acute and chronic health issues and ongoing structural problems. Thanks to our vast experience, specialized tools, highly efficient products, and savvy technicians, we’ll be there on time for sewage cleanup and resolve any issue at your Chicago property. We will perform thorough disinfection, sanitization, and remove unpleasant odors to ensure your home or business is clean, healthy, and comfortable.

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Sewer backup & cleaning services
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sewer backup and cleaning services
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We offer a broad range of sewage cleanup services in Chicago, IL


When you hire us to perform a thorough sewage cleanup, we’ll be able to address it in every aspect. We’ll carefully remove every trace of black water and sludge, carefully disinfect and sanitize all surfaces, and dry out the floors and fixtures. We rely on precise assessment techniques and plan a tailored solution, making sure that everything is remediated according to your requirements. In case of an emergency, we can be there quickly to cleanup and prevent further damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common sewage problems?
Some of the most common problems where you’ll need professional assistance include:
  • Sewage line backup
  • Toilet overflow
  • Overflowed sink
  • Leaking dishwasher
  • Leaking washing machine
  • Sewage in basement or crawlspace
What causes sewage problems?

The most common issues occur when the lateral sewer lines are damaged or clogged. The main culprits are tree roots, materials that tend to stick and clog the line, and damage due to external pressure on the line.
Another problem is the formation of fatbergs in public sewers. These are huge formations of congealed fat. They clog sewers and are tough for workers to remove. Many major cities and municipalities have had trouble with fatbergs in recent years.
Here are a few ways you can minimize trouble with your main sewer line:

  • Do not plant trees near the line. Their roots may grow into the line, causing clogs or deforming it.
  • Never flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste. Food leftovers, tampons, wet wipes, cotton balls can contribute to clogs.
  • Never put grease down the drain. Do not put fat or greasy items down your garbage disposal, either.
  • Do not park vehicles or equipment over the sewer line. You may crush or bend the pipe.
How do I know if my sewer line is clogged?
You will notice that the water is running down the drain slowly or backing up, it’s a clear sign that your lateral sewer line is clogged. To be completely sure, an established local company in Chicago can inspect the main line with a camera and identify root growth damage or clog buildup.
How do you clean up sewage?
In order to properly remove waste and sanitize the area, you’d need to: 
  • Eliminate the contaminated water ASAP using a pump 
  • Use a wet-dry vacuum with a proper filtration system for smaller spills
  • Shovel debris, soil, and dirt into sturdy plastic bags and dispose of them safely 
  • Ventilate the area and let it air-dry as long as needed (24 – 48 hours)
  • Scrub the floors thoroughly with chlorine bleach solution
  • Use dehumidifiers in case of inclement weather
  • Discard all consumable products and sensitive materials that were directly affected
How do I disinfect after a sewer backup?
After you’ve addressed the sewer backup, you’d need to gather all items from the affected area to a separate space with a tiled or concrete floor until the plumbing issue is addressed and resolved. Anything that has too long in the contaminated water needs to be disposed of immediately. Other items need to be sanitized and wiped down thoroughly. Use the chlorine bleach and water solution to wash all items from the contaminated area. Once washed, place the items of the affected space to air out. As for partially affected upholstery and carpets, it’s best to hire a specialized team in Chicago to make sure that these items are properly cleaned.
Why should I hire a professional sewage backup cleanup company near me?

There are many reasons why you should consider booking a professional sewage cleanup service in Chicago:

  • Safety: Sewage is considered a health hazard, carrying bacteria and other microorganisms that can get you seriously sick. Even worse, you can infect other people. As professionals, we have the proper gear to prevent exposure and spread of diseases.
  • Efficiency: When it comes to sewage backup, time is crucial. Without the proper tools and equipment, the cleanup process can take a long time. We guarantee that we can provide sewage backup cleanup that is as efficient and affordable as possible.
  • Thoroughness: Sometimes, sewage can result from underlying issues like a burst pipe or leads to significant water damage due to toilet overflow. Accurate professional assessment is the best way to go and address any type of concern.
  • Restoration: After a sewage backup, you may need to hire a contractor to fix the water damage. Seasoned experts in sewage cleanup and restoration in Chicago will be able to eliminate all contaminants and provide cost-effective water damage restoration in Chicago.
Who offers reliable sewer backup cleanup & sewage cleaning in the Chicago area?

It doesn’t matter if your property or commercial space is located around Hamilton Park or in Lake View, finding a dependable team to address a sewer backup is crucial. The CleanUP Guys can be there on time and perform all tasks in line with your best interests. We have the necessary skills and tools to preserve the structural integrity of your property and the health of all occupants.

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