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A good, clean basement breaths life into your whole house or building from bottom to top.  It assists in proper ventilation and clean airflow throughout the structure of your property.  Simply a good dusting, vacuuming, sanitizing, or deodorizing and getting rid of those unsightly cobwebs may work wonders towards air quality.  

The CleanUP Guys are experts at basement cleaning and crawl space cleanup services in Chicago, IL and suburbs. No matter size or dimensions. We have seen just about everything on the landscape when it comes to basements.  Let us offer our 21 years of experience and know-how to go to work for you.  

If your basement looks anything like the pictures below or worse, give our staff a call to get things back to normal so you can move on with your life. We take care of basement cleaning, restoration and repair issues. 

For those more challenging assignments, we are also proficient at removing feces, urine, vomit, pet stains, pet odors, smoke damage, mildew, mold, and excess moisture.

Our staff is trained in basement floor cleaning for hardwood, tile, linoleum, stone, and concrete. See our REVIEWS.


*Wiping down walls, baseboards, doors, window sills, trim, fixtures

*Vacuuming of corners, beams, exposed studs, empty surfaces

*Cleanups, sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing, power washing if necessary

*Junk removal, debris cleanup, cleanup from hoarding, or trash

*Emptying, cleaning out and sanitizing crawl space

*Power washing of walls, concrete flooring and solid fixtures 

*Get rid of nasty odors

*Antimicrobial treatment for bacteria or fungus growth

*Removal of calcium build up on wall surfaces

*Foreclosure basement cleaning for properties that have been left unattended for extended periods of time

*Removal of unwanted items, perishables, old furniture, old appliances, cabinetry, old sinks, tubs, etc.   

*Foundation repairs for cracks in walls and floors

*Waterproofing and sealing

*Drywall and flooring repairs

*Painting and paint prep including sanding, taping, etc.

*Light plumbing repairs and fixtures

*Tile, linoleum or hardwood flooring replacement and repairs

*Get rid of basement mold.  (See our Mold Removal and Remediation Services)

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A basement flood in Chicago can be a costly and damaging problem for homeowners.

Over $1 billion in insurance claims were filed last year as the direct result of basement floods, making it one of the most considerable and costly problems a home owner can face.  Basements often attract water, simply due to the fact that they are low lying locations and subject to any kind of excessive water runoff. A basement flood, however, can present a myriad of problems.

Basements are often repositories for items and possessions that are stored and unattended for long periods. A basement flood in Chicago can quickly destroy or severely damage many of these items. In addition a basement flood may go unnoticed because of the lack of human traffic through this area of the home.

A basement flood in Chicago may occur for any number of reasons. Water may enter through cracks in the walls, or through broken pipes or water heaters. Drains may also be located near or even in basements, and any clogging of those drains can result in a basement flood.

Sump pumps are always advised for use in basements, this takes care of flooding as it occurs, before it has a chance to gain a foothold.  If you do encounter a basement flood, be sure to turn off all electrical power before entering. Take several pictures for use when dealing with insurance companies. Remove as many items as possible from the basement before beginning any type of water extraction.

Once the water has been extracted and the basement dried out, check for further structural damage or evidence of mold growth. If mold is found, begin a mold remediation process immediately. Any cracks in the structure should be repaired at once.  Time is important when dealing with any type of water damage, since the problem will not improve on its own and will in fact get worse if left untreated.  We handle many water related issues in basements and crawlspaces.  We can fix yours too!  

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