Life has a way of sometimes throwing very hard curve balls.  When you least expect it, something like a water damage emergency help need, can happen that can completely change your whole environmental circumstance.  In the wake of the unexpected incident, you can have a deep feeling of emptiness that takes time and precious healing to go away.  One of these such atrocities can be when you get hit with a major water damage catastrophe.

Whether it comes in from a backed up drain, or a water main that has broken in the neighborhood, to a purely torrential downpour, it adds up to one thing: Your Property Just Got Hit Unexpectedly With So Much Water!

Do You Need a Plumber?

It make take a while for reality to set in that you have been the latest victim.  After all, most of us think it will never happen to me.  But when it does, it can be emotionally and physically devastating to deal with.  Out of the blue, as if your place is the only one on the block and you feel targeted.  It must be someone else’s fault why this happened.  Is it the city?  Is it my faulty plumbing?  Are there landscaping issues I should have seen?  Whatever the case, it needs to be dealt with and fast.  It makes no sense calling for professional water damage restoration chicago or flood cleanup if the water is still pouring in.  Yes, you got it right.  Call for a plumber FIRST if the water is bubbling and still pouring in or rising up the wall.  Why? Because that means your drains are backed up and there is nowhere for the water to travel but back into your place.  A plumber can come in and fix the problem either with rodding, or some other method to get the water to go down as it should. 

Call a Water Damage Restoration Service

On the other hand, if the water has stopped, now is a good time to call for water damage help!  The first place people go today when they need help is the internet.  And there is a plethora of companies out there that claim to offer the services you need.  Sometimes wading through the water of companies out there can be almost worse than wading through the inundation of water you’re dealing with in your property.  It can be a challenge no doubt.  But take a deep breath, get your game face on and collect your thoughts.  Look at the reviews on various platforms.  What are other people saying about the company you’re thinking about?  You don’t have a whole bunch of time, because water just sitting in a property is no good for you, your family, your belongings and the environment as a whole.  Most people won’t even call a company they have dealt with before, even if they had a great experience.  Why?  Because when we are under pressure, all logical thinking can go out the window.  You would think that the sanest thing to do would be to call the company you had before.  Ok.  Let’s say you did that.  But you find out that they are so busy, you are going to be 2 weeks out.  It can hit like that in the Chicagoland area as we all know.  What do you do now?

Maybe you’re thinking I will pick out the best 3 I like and go from there.  That’s not a bad approach.  But, while you’re going through that whole scenario, your place is sitting there festering in a mess of water damage and getting worse as the water evaporates up the walls, into the floor base and now you have the strong probability of mold.  Not only may you need water damage restoration or flood restoration, you may also need mold remediation if you’re not careful.

Speaking of time.  It can get pretty difficult should you have to wait on your insurance company to get back to you or to send out “their” professionals.  Remember, with insurance, you are the policy holder.  You are the one paying the premiums.  You can go with whichever company you want!  Some of us feel better about making that decision than do others.  You like to feel like you’re in charge and have a say-so.  After all, it is YOUR property.  The sad thing about insurance is that sometimes the waiting can put your property at serious risk to more unnecessary damage while all the procedural paperwork and the hemming and hawing takes place.  Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with a situation like that.

Water Damage Restoration Chicago

Moving into Repair Mode

Be sure to take photos of as much as possible for insurance purposes.  Leave nothing to chance.  The more photos you have the more complete a story you can tell later.  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Now, you have made your decision.  You’ve got the company you want doing the job you need.  Ask questions about their procedures and plan of action.  After you have gotten satisfying answers, get out of the way.  Let the professionals do their job.  Look at it this way.  The damage took place suddenly and now you are on the road to recovery.  Give it some time as it is not easy sorting through and managing a disaster.  Water damage restoration companies are trained on how to systematically go through your property and get rid of excess water, damaged items, etc.

So you had a water damage emergency.  Don’t feel too bad.  There are so many others who are going through or who have experienced just what you did.  They made it past it.  They survived it and will be able to talk about it for years.  Emergencies are not welcomed.  Especially when they come at a time when things might seem like you’re riding on a cloud.  But that’s the way life is.  We roll with the punches.  We get up and make things happen.  We get back on the road to recover and beyond.

If you have experienced a water damage emergency or if you have need of flood restoration services, contact The CleanUP Guys today.  Our staff will be happy to help you get past any unexpected water damage incident to your property, whether that is commercial, or residential.