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Restoration and Cleanup in Chicago IL
By Sherman Robinson Date September 21, 2018

The True Value of a Restoration and Cleanup Company

When a fire, flood, water leak, sewage backup, mold growth or other issue that makes your home either inhabitable or just an inconvenience to deal with, you must decide. Will I clean this up myself, or hire a pro? It is all too easy to lean towards the get it done yourself mentality.

While some small, minor disasters can be tackled by a do-it-yourselfer, most restoration and cleanup projects are best left to the pros. For many this might be a lesson that comes at great expense.

Here’s why.

Restoration and Cleanup Safety

Obviously, keeping your family and loved ones safe is important to you. When dealing with disaster issues, what might seem like a minor issue may actually be a dangerous situation. Water damage, even from the smallest leaks, can result in mold growth. Wet materials that might seem to be drying out could hold moisture in hidden areas. Smoke from a fire can be dangerous as well.

Back to normal after Restoration and Cleanup

Anyone that has never suffered from a loss might not understand the emotions, frustrations and feeling of hopelessness that are common during a restoration and cleanup Chicago project. Using a professional company means things move along quickly, and you are back in your home or able to use damaged rooms as soon as possible. Doing it yourself can make the project drag on for days longer than necessary, often with undesirable results.

Restoration and Cleanup Chicago

Insurance coverage

Water, fire, smoke, wind, mold, what’s covered? And what’s not? Insurance policies are difficult to interpret, yet a professional disaster restoration company works with insurance companies every day, so they are best equipped to help you through the process of dealing with insurance agents and adjusters. You want to be treated fairly and receive fair coverage from your insurance company. Having a qualified, reputable restoration and cleanup Chicago contractor in your corner helps with the entire process.

Do what’s right. Call your disaster restoration and cleanup company of Chicago IL, The CleanUP Guys when you suffer any type of loss. They will get right to the heart of the matter and fix the issue with appropriate and expert steps.

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