Maybe you are in need of basement cleaning services. It’s never really an easy task keeping the basement completely clean and free of nasty odors, dust, humidity, debris and possible mold. And that is because basements typically get used for storage space. And where ever there are items just sitting in one spot over time, they are sure to pick up the particles that develop over time as these attach themselves to your belongings.

By the time you decide to do something about it, the matter may be nearly out of hand already. It is exasperating to say the least. You look over your basement landscape and think this is just too much to deal with. The very thought of a basement cleanup can become very overwhelming to say the least.? Now, do you handle it yourself, or do you hire a professional Chicago basement cleaning company to come in and fix the matter for you.


Well, you know what we’re going to say! Without a doubt it can save you time, energy and resources, including money to have a professional basement cleaning company to come in a alleviate any issues you have in your basement. Those issues can range from cracks in the foundation to calcium buildup on the walls to mold or mildew residing in hidden pockets or corners. Either way, getting your basement to where it is breathable, livable, or usable space is optimum for you and your family.

In Chicago and its surrounding suburbs there are many causes for getting a basement in working condition. Neglect is probably number one. Since many tend to use the basement as a huge locker or storage bin. And while there is no problem with that, if not kept up, the basement can suffer from problems that may go unnoticed for months, maybe even years.

Chicago Basement Cleaning Services


Another very serious issue is that of rodents and pests. Somehow or another they seem to find their way into the basement and can wreak havoc with urine, their droppings and just rambling through personal belongings, gnawing and nibbling on items of value. We start to wonder how in the world did they get into the basement in the first place. That is the challenge of dealing with rodents. Locating their entryway, sealing it off permanently if possible and cleaning up the residual mess they leave behind. Which also means getting rid of nasty odors in the basement. For this to be handled properly you need an industrial grade cleanup and deodorizing process. Just a regular mop and bucket may not do the trick.

The CleanUP Guys has the experience and expertise to cleanup and remediate just about any basement dilemma. We’ve seen them all. Let our professional services go to work for you! We are known as a premier Chicago basement cleaning company.