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Sewage cleanup in Chicago and surrounding areas can be a very nasty mess, with toxic mix from the drain, broken piping, outside sources, foundation cracking, etc. We use simple and practical sewage cleanup methods to get your place back to normal. Preventing you from dealing with what is known as “Cat 3”, “Black Water”, or Category 3 hazardous waste cleanup.

It is never a good idea to do this type of sewage cleanup without knowledge and proper gear, as sewage can contain a very toxic mix that can cause immediate sickness in the lungs, breathing, nose, skin irritations, etc. This is especially true of those who might be dealing with a compromised immune system, such as asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, and other more chronic health issues.

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It is always a great idea to get a heavy, industrial disinfecting and sanitizing of everything that comes in touch with sewage deposits. Sewer backup cleanup is necessary immediately after it takes place. Left alone it can turn into an ugly bacteria mixed with all sorts of contaminants and start spreading into other areas of your property, through vents, behind walls, baseboards, etc.

Our program seeks to eliminate the need for removal and repairs, where possible. We want to assist you with salvaging your property. The sewage cleanup process involves not only removing the sludge that it produces, but a comprehensive and thorough cleanup and disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing to completely rid the areas of any residual sewage deposits.

Sewage can collect on walls, under furniture, attach itself to items in your home or basement and go unnoticed or undetected. A thorough inspection of the entire area will ensure that all of the toxic sludge is removed properly. Thus, it takes more than just bleach today to deal with the contaminants that invade our space through plumbing backups. There are so many and varied microbes floating around and mutating, just waiting to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting environment. Certainly it pays to be as meticulous as possible to get rid of every single vestige of the contaminant with sewer cleaning service.

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Every one of us knows sewage smells. After the contaminated materials are removed by a qualified remediator that specializes in sewage cleanup in Chicago, it then should be decontaminated. Clean-up should begin as soon as possible to diminish the risk of exposure to sewage.

It’s equally important to be sure that the water removal and cleanup process incorporates thorough drying to stop mold and other bacterium.

For a lot of homeowners, dealing with a sewage backup around Chicago may be a continual issue. Sewage can overrun your premises in a number of ways.

When pipes become weakened, this may lead to extensive water damage, and to a sewage intrusion.

There are numerous diseases that result from sewage damage. Hepatitis A can be found in raw sewage as a result of flood damage. There are lots of difficulties that can occur from excessive water or moisture in your house or building’s crawlspace and especially when it is a toxic sewer mix of nasty micotoxins. The issue with this is that urine and feces contain bacteria which could cause some serious health concerns for those with Asthma and Allergies.

If water cleanup situations aren't handled properly, they are able to result in mold, which may lead to illness. Call the professional services of The CleanUP Guys today!

Sewage cleanup in Chicago can be a very nasty mess, with toxic mix from the drain, broken piping, outside sources, foundation cracking, etc. We use simple and practical sewage cleanup methods to get your place back to normal.

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