Flood Cleanup

Flood CleanupWe have seen all kinds of basements over the years with items floating on top of standing water. It is not a pretty sight when it does happen. But, we can make it go away! We respond immediately when a call comes through for a basement that is flooded with water.

Our goal, of course is to get the water out immediately. Then we can start assisting you with dry out and decontamination. The longer the water sits in your basement the more damage it can cause to your electrical functions, your drywall, your studs, your baseboards and trim, may all need to be removed. We offer complete flood restoration services, from water removal to drywall, flooring, or appliances and perishables that need to be taken off premises and hauled away, to structural drying and dehumidification processes.

The CleanUP Guys is certified by the I.I.C.R.C. in flood cleanup and flood restoration services.

If your basement looks anything like these pictures and has filled up with water like a basin, it’s high time you do something about it and fast. We have found that flooding can happen to anyone and just about anywhere. There are all sorts of reasons why a basement can flood. We try to ascertain if not already recognized, what cause the overflow in the first place.

So pickup the phone, don’t hesitate to call to get your work done right by a company who has the experience to make sure the project runs to its full completion with courteousness and professionalism.

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We are fully certified by the Illinois Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification in flood cleanup and flood restoration services! The photos below are examples of what a catastrophe flooding looks like. No matter why your basement flooded, you can trust us to save it!

Check out our excellent customer reviews! We will supply you with the same careful services!

The CleanUP Guys are professionals who have served hundreds of property owners by restoring their homes and businesses to a safe and stable condition. Complete the form below and we will contact you promptly or call 773.885.8528 and speak to a remediation specialist.

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