Basement Cleaning Chicago

When a demolition occurs in the basement of a home or commercial property, major damage can be evident in the walls, flooring, trim, doors, hiding turns and corners of the affected areas. The mission of a professional basement cleaning companies near me is to help families and businesses affected by overwhelming circumstances caused by sewage harm, water harm, storm damage, mold intrusion, mildew mitigation or extensive fire damage.

Basement Cleaning Chicago

There are many properties in the Chicago area that have been built upon faulty foundations, with less than stable materials and crawlspace or basement cavities that hold extreme moisture deposits.  This is a mix for a toxic environment and one that may need to be mitigated on an ongoing basis to keep the area clean and dry.  This becomes a challenge when the area(s) is used to store valuables, keepsakes, heirlooms, equipment, machinery, etc.  If undue moisture occurs it can cause mildew, mold and even rust to appear on these items and render them almost unusable by the owner.  Thus, a good basement cleanup and environmental mitigation to get things back in order may be necessary.  So, basement cleaning alone may not be the complete answer to getting a property space livable, breathable and workable again.  A full scale top to bottom cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing may be in order along with professional mitigation may be absolutely necessary.  Much like an ongoing maintenance program does for a large commercial facility.

Moisture Management

Water damage is caused by several factors including: pipe burst, ice makers, refrigerators, laundry machines, rain, snow, rest room overflows, phase transition pipes, water backup and a host of other unexpected incidents like snow buildup, ice dams and roof damage.  All of these can cause water to trickle down into the foundation and wreak havoc upon any structure no matter what it’s made of.  Undue moisture at even small levels can begin to develop mold and mildew.  It is imperative to have a moisture management program to reduce those high levels of humidity in the air.  Like a good dehumidifier, or possibly air movers to circulate the air and keep the area from becoming a toxic dump.

Professional Certified Basement and Crawlspace Cleanups

When trying to make a decision as to which company to choose for your property’s basement cleaning and crawlspace cleanup need, consider a company that has reputation for cleaning up these spaces consistently over and over again.

A comprehensive and structured cleaning program will help you to keep the health and safety of your family, workers and belongings protected from elements that can develop in your lower foundation areas due to negligence.  Our goal, is to follow all acceptable sanitation techniques throughout the basement cleaning near me process. You can be happy that your place will meet cleaning and sanitation codes as well as having clean air can work wonders to positive human thinking and productivity.

The CleanUP Guys is that the high alternative in Chicago for your basement cleaning Chicago needs.  We have been at the business of cleaning up crawlspace and basements for over 25 years.  We’ve seen it all.  A comprehensive program for your cleaning and basement restoration needs can be administered easily by a simple phone call.

We use the latest equipment on the market to get your property back to a pre-loss and livable condition.