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    We act quickly to minimize water and fire damage to your property.


    If a bad storm, flood, or plumbing issue causes major water damage to your home or commercial building, we’re the water damage restoration company to call. We will restore your property with our fast and effective water or flood damage restoration in Chicago, IL. That’s not all! We also offer thorough fire damage restoration, and safe and effective mold removal and restoration for commercial and residential properties across the region. We’re available 24/7 for swift and detailed same-day interventions.

    How we can help restore your property

    water restoration

    Chicago Water Damage Restoration

    We have provided residential and commercial water damage restoration services across Chicago for more than 27 years. Our team has the experience to guide you through the entire process from the intial water damage inspection to total restoration.

    water drop

    Chicago Sewage Cleanup

      Whether from clogged drains, broken pipes, or foundation cracks, our team will carry out quick and efficient sewage cleanup services. We have the experience, manpower, and equipment to get your home or business back to its normal condition effectively and efficiently.

    mold damage

    Chicago Mold Remediation

    Mold can cause serious health issues if not handled correctly, which is why it’s important to choose our expert mold remediation. We offer commercial and residential mold removal solutions for problems due to water damage, and even have emergency services.

    water in hands

    Chicago Flood Damage Restoration

    With water intrusion, it’s critical to get the water extracted and your space dried before mold and mildew settle in or further damage occurs. That’s why we have a team available 24/7 to provide comprehensive emergency flood cleanup services throughout Chicago.

    fire damage

    Chicago Fire Damage Restoration

    Our team of skilled specialists in fire damage restoration performs quick, affordable services to restore your home, school, hospital, business, or other type of property. We offer 24/7 emergency services for times when intervention can’t wait.

    What makes us the top choice for water, fire, sewage, and mold restoration and repairs in the Chicago area?


    The CleanUP Guys began in the early 1990’s as a company dedicated to putting the interests of the property owner first. We’re a one-stop-shop for all your concerns because we are:

    Trusted and experienced

    As a leading water and fire damage restoration company in Chicago, we proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout the area and even offer emergency services.

    Committed to your satisfaction

    We guarantee that the job will be completed correctly. If you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll return to fix anything that‘s out of place. We want you to get the best service at the right time for the most affordable price.

    Here when you need us

    Disasters don’t happen on a nine-to-five schedule and they need to be dealt with immediately to prevent serious damage. That’s why we’re here 24/7 to assist you with different types of problems.

    Experts in what we do

    Our skilled crew takes care of commercial, residential, and industrial facilities as well as schools and hospitals. No job is too big or too small for our team of trained and dedicated professionals.

    COVID-19 Cleanup

    Get help when you need it from Chicago’s top experts in water, mold & fire damage restoration 

    We’re your go-to fire and water damage restoration company, providing superior service to residential and commercial customers throughout Chicago. We offer a variety of helpful services, including tailored solutions to mold problems and effective removal of sewage water. In case of emergency, our trained crew is at your service 24/7. Contact us for speed, reliability, and convenience. Read more

    Lean on us for meticulous water damage restoration

    We’re a full-service water damage cleanup and restoration company serving Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our experts will explain the process to you so you know exactly what to expect. Then, we will get right to work on resolving the issue. Get help fast and protect the integrity of your property.


    Book our flood damage repair services & rest easy

    If a flood has jeopardized your property, give us a call. Over the course of our long careers, we’ve handled a wide variety of flood-related issues and applied different restorative methods like water extraction, sewage cleaning services, and carpet cleaning. Contact us now for swift, comprehensive assistance.


    Our fire damage restoration puts your mind at ease

    When your property suffers a fire, don’t leave the damage cleanup up to chance. We have a professional team of skilled and experienced technicians ready to help you. Our proficient team can get rid of smoke damage, odors, and soot, eliminating every last trace of damage and leaving you carefree and satisfied.


    Get ready for mold remediation/removal for a healthy home

    If you see or smell mold, it should be dealt with right away. With 25 plus years of experience in the field, we’re accomplished experts that you can count on. We’ll inspect your property and determine what type of intervention is needed and then get to work. Call now for a free estimate to get rid of unwanted mold.


    Bid clutter goodbye with our thorough basement cleaning & junk removal

    We’re trained and equipped to handle any type of basement and crawlspace cleanup that your property needs. Keep these areas in good shape with our meticulous sanitizing, disinfecting, debris and dust removal, power washing, and more.

    Other services we provide

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    Here’s what our clients have to say

    “Found a few inches of water in my basement after a night of heavy rain. Called these guys based on Google reviews and location; was not disappointed. Julius and his team showed up same-day for inspection and cleaning. They also discovered a number of issues caused by past flooding which were not visible during inspection”

    Jeremy S. – Chicago

    “The CleanUP Guys were very professional, quick and courteous in cleaning up the flooding in my basement. Price for the service was reasonable. I would recommend them to others who need help with cleaning up a mess.”

    Debbie F. – CVT

    Frequently asked questions

    Should mold be professionally removed?

    It just makes good sense to get mold cleanup done right the first time because this is how you’ll minimize the chance of further damage. If you have visible mold on your Chicago property, no matter what the type, it should be treated very carefully by a professional. If it’s handled improperly, it may be disturbed and spread to other areas.

    Don’t waste unnecessary resources to identify what types and concentrations of mold you have via testing. Simply contact our team, let us conduct an inspection, and implement a thorough strategy.

    What happens if you don't treat mold?

    Exposure to mold can be dangerous to your health, especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies. It can exacerbate these conditions, causing sneezing, runny nose, cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. This is why you need to schedule mold remediation in Chicago and across the area as soon as you notice the signs of its presence on your property.

    What does water damage restoration include?

    No matter how your water damage came about, proper care entails a five-step process:

    • Inspection and assessment
    • Water removal
    • Drying and dehumidification
    • Cleaning, and sanitizing
    • Water damage repair and restoration
    How long does water damage take to repair?

    Generally, drying out may take several days while the whole process of water damage restoration and repair could take a few weeks. It’s best to schedule a consultation with our team and we’ll let you know how long it will take in your situation.

    What happens during the fire damage restoration process?

    Fire damage repair includes several steps to ensure your property in Chicago is back to its original condition:

    • Meticulous evaluation to determine the extent of the problem
    • Securing the property 
    • Removal of damaged materials
    • Fire damage cleanup to remove soot, debris, and smoke residue
    • Repair
    Can you get sick from cleaning up sewage?

    Exposure to sewage wastewater may result in several illnesses. For example, you could get Gastroenteritis, which is caused by E. coli and other bacteria, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, as well as some viruses. The symptoms may include:

    • Cramping stomach pains
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Tiredness
    • Abdominal pain
    • Nausea

    This is why it’s best to leave the process to trained professionals, who have the equipment and expertise to carry it out efficiently without jeopardizing anyone’s health.

    How much does it cost to clean out a dirty basement?

    An average price starts at $500 and can go up from there depending on different factors, like:

    • What needs to be done?
    • How large is the basement?
    • Are there items that need to be tossed?
    • Do you need a dumpster to get rid of unnecessary items?  
    • Is there mold, water, or sewage?
    How do I hire an excellent water & fire damage restoration company in Chicago?

    The CleanUP Guys is your trustworthy partner for all types of water, mold, sewage, and fire restoration services across the Chicago region. Because we know how important it is to counteract damage quickly, our team is here for you at any time of the day or night. Simply give us a call to discuss your needs and protect your possessions.

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