Water Damage Causes Mold Issues Highland Park, IL

By thecleanupguys Date January 3, 2018

Water Damage Leads to Mold Remediation – 2018 Water damage, on any level, whether noticed or unnoticed, can be equally damaging to your property and as severe as flooding.  Damages that occur from water can cause issues for anything sitting inside the property.  From papers to furniture to appliances and anything else that gets inundated

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Water Damage and Mold Serious Help Available

By thecleanupguys Date October 27, 2017

Water Damage and Mold, the One-Two Punch Against A Healthy Property! HOW TO PREVENT WATER DAMAGE IN YOUR HOME AND AVOID MOLD When you experience water damage that leads to mold, it can cause all sorts of problems for you and your property. Nothing seems to be the same afterwards. Until the matter is resolved

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