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Mold Inspection Service & Mold Remediation Chicago IL Commercial & Residential


Get a free, no-obligation estimate! Our pricing is extremely affordable. We give the best advice in residential and commercial mold detection, inspection, and removal! If you need real results now, call The CleanUP Guys at 773.885.8528!

If you notice visible mold growth or detect a mold or mildew smell, contact us for mold inspection service! We are certified in black mold removal, and we handle stachybochtrys mold issues. (For more information about stachybochtrys mold issues, please see information below.)

We can help! Act now and contact us immediately if you have a leak within a wall, a cracked drain line, high humidity levels, or any water leak issue at all. For your health and the safety of your family and pets, time is of the essence!

At the CleanUP Guys, we have proven experience in mold inspection and removal for both homes and businesses. In your home, we will remove mold in your attic and in crawl spaces. Please do note that in commercial property inspection, however, the mold inspection and remediation process could require some demolition, due to the fact that larger areas may be infected.

We follow the appropriate steps for Proper Mold Removal:

1. Setup and containment of the damaged area(s)

2. HEPA vacuuming of all exposed or infected surfaces

3. Proper removal and anti-microbial wipe down of hard surfaces including furniture with mold cleaner

4. Removal of infected porous materials if necessary (known as demolition)

5. Negative Air Machine (NAM) or Air Scrubber operation

6. Properly bagging and discarding contaminated items for removal from premises

7. Antimicrobial treatment and Biocide application

8. HEPA vacuuming again to ensure complete removal

9. Encapsulation sealant process

If your property was tested and found to have high levels of contamination or harmful bacterial, don’t wait: You need The CleanUP Guys now! We provide the services you need and ONLY those you need. We never try to sell you unnecessary services; we believe honesty is always the best policy! Gaining and retaining your trust is important to us!

We use EPA rated chemicals and Illinois Institute of Cleaning and Restoration certified technicians. We guarantee you will receive complete and comprehensive mold removal service and repairs of all surfaces including hardwood, tile, carpeting, drywall, fixtures, ceramics, bathrooms, kitchens, wet or leaky basements, damp and moisture-ridden areas.

The CleanUP Guys are reputable and honest. Our reliable operation services homes, hospitals, schools, institutions, factories and industrial buildings with visible mold issues or mold spore activity and comes with a guarantee and a warranty. (Be sure to ask for details!) Let us put our mold remediation services to work for you! Don’t try to do it yourself!