Sewage Backup Cleanup, Sanitizing and Removal -2021

Sewage backup cleanup can become necessary in your property from different ways. One of these is Chicago basement flooding. Inside the nasty water that fills up like a gigantic tub, can be all sorts of contaminants from the outside, including sewage deposits. Another avenue of waste is from damaged plumbing. A leaky pipe or transfer that has not been sealed properly can carry nasty bacteria. And lastly, a natural disaster that has as its medium sewer from wastelands or areas where there is not proper run-off. Just a microcosm of these particles in your property can cause all kinds of issues in the environment, making it an unstable place to be. It is best to remove yourself and whatever items you can possibly salvage away from the disaster zone. Health risks are involved. Below are just a few:

Disease Control

Sewage carries large amounts of organic matter and can sometimes become heated while in a municipal system. This creates a breeding ground for microorganisms that might otherwise pass benignly through the water. Our lungs can pick up these deadly organisms and we find ourselves contracting diseases like hepatitis or leptospirosis. Open wounds or lesions on the skin can act as pathways for entry into our bodies. Precaution is in order.

Sewage Backup Cleanup

Wet Basement Sewage Backup Clean Up
Insects & Pests

Raw sewage can be a feeding ground for different insects, like mosquitoes. They breed quickly in standing water and can spread diseases like malaria and West Nile virus. Tiny animals, like mice can die in the floating sewage, leaving the body in the liquid where it becomes a dangerous host for diseases that can spread to surviving animals and insects in the basement. It is imperative to get a sewage cleanup company in Chicago on the job as soon as possible. Sewage backup cleanup in our specialty.

Sewage Backup Cleanup Chicago and Suburbs

Sewage backup cleanup can and will affect the ventilation in a property causing poor air quality. It can release harmful gases, like methane. The water in the sewage can encourage the growth of mold and mildew that triggers respiratory problems. Other common chemicals like bleach or chlorine depending on the source of the leak can lurk in the water damage. These can damage the lining of the lungs, the eyes and the tissue in the nose.


Bacteria, parasites and other organisms can breed in sewage and are easily transferred to the skin of the hands through imperceptible droplets, even if the liquid is not directly touched. Food and water that is taken in later if not properly handled, can cause other bacterial infections through the skin, mouth, etc. Some symptoms can be severe fever, liver and kidney damage, as well as dehydration caused by vomiting. It is not just a leave it alone and it will fix itself matter. Chicago Sewage backup cleanup is absolutely necessary when dealing with raw sewage, sewer deposits, and especially with live feces. These deposits can go unnoticed for days, especially when basement cleaning in Chicago has been neglected. Get help immediately from a Chicago professional sewage cleanup contractor today!