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The CleanUP Guys has the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to provide the good people of Chicago and the nearby communities with a full range of flood damage cleanup and repair services. We begin our remediation process with a detailed inspection, and work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your flood restoration experience is hassle-free. Contact us today and outsource the remediation process to a competent team. Our technicians are trained to handle flood damage restoration at any level.

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water damage cleaning in Chicago

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Over the course of more than two decades of industry presence, we’ve become known for dependability, efficiency, and an unrelenting dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. We established this great reputation by consistently upholding the highest industry standards and our core values, which include:

Vetted & trained specialists

We have a strict hiring process that’s designed to recruit and retain technicians who are truly the cream of the crop. Every one of them shares our passion for delivering maximum value.

Client-oriented approach

We never cut corners or leave a job “mostly finished.” We have a highly detailed approach and remain on site until all areas that have suffered flood damage have been properly addressed.

  Here for you 24/7

We have an emergency hotline that’s available 24/7 throughout the year, holidays included. Simply give us a call, and one of our fast-response crews will be at your location to help quickly.

Flexible & scalable solutions

We operate across a broad range of commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, including schools and medical facilities. No job is too small, large, or challenging for our team.

water damage cleaning in Chicago

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Addressing the issue ASAP is the key to performing effective flood damage restoration and repair. Quick intervention helps to prevent long-term problems such as structural issues and fungal infestations. Due to our extensive knowledge, top-of-the-line hardware, and highly skilled and seasoned technicians, we’re able to implement efficient solutions that will stand the test of time. Aside from addressing the flood damage itself, we’ll also sanitize surfaces and safely eliminate lingering smells.  We know how to handle flood damage restoration for your commercial or residential property.  

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water damage cleaning in Chicago
Water Damage Restoration In Chicago
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We offer a wide selection of remediation and flood damage cleanup services in Chicago


Our crews are also able to provide residential and commercial flood damage

restoration, assessment, and extraction services, as well as flooded basement cleanup, toilet overflow cleanup, and removal of carpeting, padding, trim, baseboards, fixtures, and excessive moisture. We can also remove and replace damaged drywall, and demolish buckling wood floors. For more information on the issues we can assist you with, feel free to call our hotline at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be damaged in a flood?
Everything. Depending on its severity, flood damage can destroy furniture and carpeting, ruin electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, and even weaken the structural elements of a building. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to have your Chicago property professionally examined and remediated as early as possible.
How do you repair after a flood?
First, you need to take as many of your belongings as possible away from the affected area. Then you should hire a flood damage cleanup and repair service near you in Chicago to pump out the water and dry out the area. Once the experts have done that, they’ll be able to inspect your property for structural problems caused by the flooding and recommend the optimal course of action.
How long does it take to dry out after a flood?

It depends on the severity of the problem, time of the year, the location of your property, and other factors. Since the drying process can take anywhere between 12 hours and a few weeks, the best way to obtain an accurate time frame is to consult with a respected flood damage restoration service in Chicago and across the region.

What is the best way to clean up a flooded basement?
Due to being so close to the foundation, a flooded basement can pose a serious risk to a building’s overall structural integrity. That’s why it’s strongly advised that you outsource the flood damage cleanup in your basement to a reputable remediation company.
Who offers detailed flood damage cleanup & repair services in Chicago, IL & the surrounding areas?

The CleanUP Guys has been providing private and public clients in the city and its suburbs with expert-grade remediation services. Apart from flood damage restoration, we can also supply you with prompt and detailed water damage repair, quick and professional-level sewage removal and restoration, efficient and expertise-based fire damage clean-up and repair, effective and in-depth mildew and mold removal and prevention, and so on.

Our emergency teams are available around the clock and operate across the entire area. It’s all the same to us whether your property is situated right next to Willis Tower or out in Bridgeview: we’ll still arrive quickly to meet your needs in a professional and meticulous manner. Call us today.