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Residential fires can leave devastating effects on your property. Call trustworthy professionals to remediate the fire damage and restore your home.
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Here at the CleanUP Guys, we have a team that offers quick, cost-effective and expert-based assistance, when you need to remove smoke and fire damage cleanup Chicago IL, soot, and other residue from your business or commercial premises. Our technicians in Chicago have the necessary tools and skill to provide you with comprehensive restoration. Call us immediately and we’ll be there to take care and remove all traces of smoke and cinder from your premises.

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Why contact us for fire damage cleanup services in Chicago


Addressing your fire damage situation is vital in order to make your living or commercial space livable, functional, and healthy. Our ample experience allows us to make it happen, without putting you through additional stress. There are many advantages that put our company ahead of the pack. This includes:

Qualified & reliable experts

We recruit the most reliable, qualified, and hardworking technicians who deliver quality results on a consistent level. We work as a team to conduct all tasks efficiently and without backtracking.

Precise assistance

Our team doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks. We have a highly sophisticated approach and work continuously until all areas affected by fire damage have been thoroughly tackled and restored.

Readily available

Our emergency support line is open 24/7 during all seasons, even during holidays. You can easily give us a call, and a dedicated team will be dispatched and reach your location promptly.

Versatile solutions

We conduct our services across a wide range of commercial and residential and industrial properties, school, and medical facilities. No matter the scope, we are up to the challenge.

water, fire, and mold damage restoration in Chicago

Thorough assistance in line with highest industry standards

Let us alleviate the burden of fire damage cleanup Chicago IL and restoration, and you’ll be able to move in again as soon as all layers of soot, smoke, and debris are removed. We’ll address the consequences of fire to ensure the functionality of your business, industrial, or residential property. What’s more, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your home to reveal all the areas that could be affected, including closets, drawers, and areas that you can’t even see.

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What to expect from our fire damage restoration


Our staff is skilled at handling a variety of aspects of fire damage. Once we arrive at your premises, we’ll render a free-of-cost assessment. We’ll proceed to boarding up and tarping, removal of soot, smoke damage, odor removal, and general cleaning and sanitization, to prevent ongoing issues. Whatever your requirements may be, lean on us for a tailored solution that will make your space livable and functional once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean fire damaged walls?
When your wall is stained by smoke or open flame, the scope of fire damage needs to be assessed. If the level is relatively low, you can try to conduct a cleanup, but it’s best to consult professionals to check for underlying issues. Minor stains can be tackled by a homemade solution: 

  • one gallon of hot water, 
  • three tablespoons of dish detergent, 
  • half cup of baking soda. 

Professionals usually work in small portions, scrubbing the affected walls and floors with wet rags, and then wiping with a dry cloth right afterward. Keep in mind: whether the visible damage is extensive or minor, exercise caution. Consult with your local experts to inspect your property in detail and prevent further structural problems and complications.

How do you fix fire damage?
When you need to fix issues around your home post-fire, it’s best to outsource this to certified experts. During a fire damage restoration, technicians create a complete list of what needs to be repaired, which may include:

  • Comprehensive damage inspection
  • Boarding up and tarping assistance
  • Removal of soot and debris
  • Removal of smoke stains and residue
  • Eliminating smoke odors
  • General clean-up service

Depending on the scope of fire, you’d have to replace certain parts of furniture, windows, carpets, and walls, so it’s best to first consult with your local contractors. Fortunately, our team in Chicago is available for all emergency situations, so give us a call.

Why should you hire professionals to clean smoke damage?
You may be thinking about leaving the fire damage if it doesn’t seem bad or doesn’t cover a very large area, but that could have serious effects on your health. Not only is there soot built-up from the fire, but there will likely be mold growth due to the water used to put out the fire. This can further complicate and lead to chronic bronchitis, eye irritation, skin problems, and asthma.

Even if the smoke damage to your property seems minimal, it’s still important to hire a trained professional for fire restoration or cleanup in Chicago. Rely on your local team for comprehensive assistance.

What should I look for in a fire damage cleanup company near me?
When you’re looking for a trustworthy local provider in fire damage cleanup, these are the traits you should look for: 

  • They are insured and bonded
  • They have great ratings and a reputation for excellence
  • They have qualified and experienced staff
  • They are available 24/7 for emergency situations
  • They have many years of experience in fire damage restoration
  • They use professional equipment and materials
  • They offer a type of guarantee for their service
  • They run background checks for new employees
How long does it take to clean up after a fire?
All types of property fires are different. This means that the time needed to clear out the debris, soot, and unpleasant odors can greatly vary. The main factor is the size of the property, scope of fire damage, and special features of your property that require additional attention.

Keep in mind that we always start with an inspection and quote before moving forward with any of our services, so you’d know what to expect. Give us a call to schedule your on-site inspection.

How fast can I reach an established fire damage cleanup and restoration company in Chicago, IL?

With so many Chicago smoke remediation contractors offering services, it can be hard to know who you can trust. That’s where the CleanUP Guys come in. We are IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians with over two decades of experience. That means our team has gone through extensive training to ensure we are prepared for all types of smoke and fire damage remediation.

On top of that, our team can assist you in a number of ways, so you can count on us if you need:

Whether your home or office space is located in Douglas, or elsewhere in Cook County, we’re at your service. If you need our immediate help or a free assessment, give us a call now!