We recently went into a residential attic space that had 2 separate attics but co-joined in the middle.? One of the attic spaces was a lot larger than the other.? The beams in the attic developed a mold and mildew type film on them because of roof leakage.? The owners were not aware that there was any type of mold activity going on in the attic.? Typically, that is the case when it comes to attic mold.? Many homeowners are oblivious to the mold growth because they really never go in the attic, other than to store items or remove items on occasion.

What made this situation come to light in the first place is the fact that the homeowners decided to put the house on the market.? And as you know, when selling a home there is that necessary home inspection that needs to be done.? Well, low and behold, there it was!? That stuff that freaks everyone out.? MOLD!? How did it get there?? What caused it?? How in the world are we going to get rid of it?? Are we going to be able to afford what it may cost to get the matter resolved?? And, are we going to be able to properly sell the home, now that we have discovered it?

Well, all is not lost!? There is help.? A professional mold remediation company will know exactly the steps to take to get rid of the mold issue you are facing.

Attic Mold Removal Elmwood Park

Steps To Take To Fix The Attic Mold Removal Issue

First, the problem of moisture must be taken care of immediately.? Is there a continued leak?? Is water vapor or condensation somehow seeping into the area?? Once that problem is alleviated, then you can move to the next step.

Second, securing the area with containment so that none of the mold spores escape into other areas.? This means covering exits, vents, ducts, etc. with a good tarp that will keep all activity inside the work area.

Third, the setup of a negative air machine or air scrubber to work with keeping the dust down and the microbes from getting away.? This should run, while the work is being done.? The goal is to keep down as much disturbance or mold spore activity as possible while the remediation process gets underway.

Fourth, the removal process starts.? Whatever chemicals and/or equipment used to get the mold off the surface is necessary.? There are many methods to getting this done out there.? The remediation specialist can recommend the best one for your situation.

Fifth, an antimicrobial or biocide agent is applied to kill any mold activity on surface. This is a key step in attic mold removal Elmwood Park.

Sixth, we want to let everything dry and the machinery to run for a few days to make sure the air space is properly decontaminated.

Seventh, we want to come back in with an encapsulation coating to prevent anything from escaping and seal the entire space.

Now Your Attic Mold Removal is Done!

With the mold removal and remediation process done the proper and right way, the homeowners can always rest assured that they have just received a job well done!

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