Water Damage Restoration in Oak Park IL

Water Damage Restoration In The Know

Water damage is one of those things that does not announce its arrival. Water damage restoration can be very difficult if you have experienced before or not. As each case can come in with a different face. There are means to learn and recognize areas where water damage can have an impact upon your environment. Below are some things to keep in mind:

Be Observant

Most of the time, it is easy to notice signs of water damage. Other times, it may not be as easy to identify the signs, because of hidden problems. A good nose can help detect peculiar smells in a room or cabinet, a keen eye can notice discolored and fuzzy growths, stains or discoloration on the walls and ceiling. Peeling paint might be a strong indicator there is excess moisture at work.

Take Hold of the Matter

You need to get your environment stabilized again. No need to panic. Just as water entered your property uninvited, it can be removed, but systematically. With a step by step process in mind. Water damage restoration must take place as soon as your circumstances allow. The word “Immediate” comes to mind. If your basement is full of water, flooded, Get Help Fast!

Reduce the Damage

If at all possible, find the source of the issue. Is it a broken pipe? Did a toilet overflow? How did the water get there? If possible turn off the electricity and remove all electrical devices. Only if it is absolutely safe to do so! Don’t risk hurting yourself.
You can also remove small furniture and valuable objects from affected areas, and if they are too big to move, you can place foil around the wood legs to avoid permanent deterioration.

Water Removal Flooded Carpet Pad Water Damage

How to remove water from a flooded carpet pad. One method for water removal after your basement carpet and pad have been soaked by flooding. Clay King From AAA Flood Drying with over 25 years experiance in Water Damage Restoration shows how to perform water extraction with a carpet wand to remove water from the wet pad.

Safety First!

You need to avoid any incident of electric shock. Remember, do not turn on any electrical devices until is absolutely safe to do so. It is best to wait until the professional water damage person gets there to advise you on next steps.

Get The Water Out

Select an experienced restoration company with technicians ready to respond 24/7. A quality water damage restoration company will have technicians that ready to go, and know what to do immediately. They will extract as much of the water as possible, Remove any items that are not redeemable. Start the evaporation process with dehumidifying equipment. Attack and stop the bacterial levels from spreading. Get containment set up if necessary and increase the proper air flow.
You are ready and armed should the water intrusion happen! Be ready. Get the right help!