Until Help Arrives in the Chicago Area

Get Professional Water Damage Restoration Help in Chicago and Suburbs

There are many steps you can take as a responsible homeowner when flooding occurs in your home, whether from an overflowing toilet or a failed sump pump.

First of all, KEEP IT SAFE.

Do not do anything that can cause physical harm to yourself or your family, which can mean working in areas with electricity that have water damage issues. If you are in doubt of how to handle a particular situation, get help, or wait until the experienced help arrives.


When water intrudes, picking up smaller items and placing them out of harm’s way is important.

For objects you value, normally smaller items, and can get to without danger to yourself, start wiping them off and getting them dry. Although your water damage professional will handle the final cleaning and restoring of valuable objects, you can do much to help the process.

Some materials are sensitive, and need special attention. These can include wood furniture, fabrics, upholstery, rugs, art and other valuable items. If you can remove these from flooded areas and wipe them off and allow them to dry, you might assist the drying and restoration process. Especially pick up and allow to hang in a safe place items such as valuable rugs.

Cleaning your home after a flood

University of Minnesota Extension housing technology educator Richard Stone provides tips for cleaning up your home after water damage occurs.

As a general rule, GET THINGS UP OFF THE FLOOR.

These would be especially larger, more valuable items, such as sofas, chairs, tables, etc. Most water damage situations are just a few inches deep, so putting these items up could be possible and very helpful to preserve their value. But if not, don’t worry… your water damage pro (who is no doubt now on the way) can handle it. He has special wood or foam blocks or other items to do the job to protect your furniture and larger items.

This will prevent the spread of unwanted bacteria onto valuable items or pieces of furniture, lessening the cost of a complete remediation project.

But no matter what, don’t delay in doing what is best: Calling your water damage pro! The sooner they get out and on the job, the quicker you can get water damage restoration underway and your property back to normal again!