Mold Remediation Lincolnwood IL

Black Mold Hiding In The Shadows

DID YOU KNOW that mold can develop in your home and all it takes are three common things?

1. Moisture: Mold needs moisture to grow, which is why you see it all the time in showers and baths… and, unfortunately, in basements. You can clean up the mold in a shower or bath, but when you see it in other parts of the home, it’s best to call a pro. It is not just enough to use vinegar or bleach to satisfy getting rid of or killing the toxic substance. As a bacteria mold can mutate and adapt to various environments. Thus, the method used to get rid of it has to adjust as well

2. Food: Mold is alive, and needs to eat. So usually you won’t see mold growing on plastic surfaces in your home. It will grow on wood and other organic surfaces. However, dirt in the carpet or on the floor can be a food source, so keeping your house super clean is smart. Mold has a way of searching out and finding food so that it can survive. You can stop it in its tracks by keeping your home or property as spotless, dust-free as possible. Sometimes the aid of equipment is needed such as a dehumidifier, or an air purifier to generate good, clean, fresh air.

3. Darkness: Mold likes the shadows of your home, and grows quickly in the dark. That’s why basements are often the first place mold is discovered. Not that mold can’t grow in other well lit places. As we said previously, it can mutate. But it favors hidden and dark areas. By the time the property owner realizes what has taken place in the dark corners or crevices it has spread to a proportion where a professional mold remediation company in Lincolnwood IL is needed.


Mold Remediation on your own?

If you are going to clean up some mold in your house, it’s important to protect yourself. A professional mold remediation company in Lincolnwood IL knows the dangers of mold, and if you hire a pro, you will see him all suited up and protected against possible contamination.
For cleaning up very small amounts of mold, like you might find in a shower stall, be sure to wear rubber gloves, the type that come up to your elbows. And wear a good mask, the type the EPA recommends (like an N-95 from your hardware store) so that you don’t inhale mold spores. Spores are actually the dangerous part of mold, and they are very tiny and float in the air, which means you can breathe them in. Eye protection goggles are also smart, but avoid goggles that have holes in them.
Remember, do-it-yourself mold removal is only for those common molds like in showers and baths. Anything else? Call a pro, like The CleanUP Guys in Chicago!