Fire and Water Damage Restoration Chicago IL

Fire and Water Damage Restoration in the Chicago Area!

When a fire strikes your property by whatever means it happens, to put the fire out water has to be administered in many of the fire damage cases. Unfortunately, now do you not only have fire and smoke damage to deal with but also water damage from the inundation of a flow of steady water to assist with putting out the fire. This can leave your property in a very nasty state, along with foul odors, and possibly the development of mold.

A fire and water damage restoration company can and will assist you in getting your property back to normal. First, with a comprehensive cleanup and restoration process. Second, a plan of action to rebuild or restore the property. This includes getting rid of nasty odors, damaged items, complete dry out and dehumidification, along with strong chemicals to kill any bacteria. If this is done right at the base of the project, then the rebuild can take place with confidence, that everything is ready at the base level to be restored.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair and Reconstruction

You as the property owner need to keep in mind that every fire is unique, thus your fire has a particular game plan that needs to be administered to, to get your fire and water damage restoration project running to completion smoothly. What type of fire? What materials were affected? How far did it spread? Are many items charred and have smoke odor damage? These are all factors that will determine the approach to restoration.

Smoke, in and of itself can cause all sorts of problems, depending on the surface it appears, and if there are substances that has mixed with it. This can include wet smoke, dry smoke, protein smoke, and oil smoke. These different types of smoke need chemicals and the right process to fit its content.

Then, there is the ugly bacteria that finds its way into water-logged places. Mold. Mold can certainly exacerbate any situation, especially on porous materials like paper, wood, drywall, etc. A restoration company that offers full services can handle the fire, water, mold and any other contaminant that might be involved, like sewage.

Should you find yourself in need of a restoration and remediation company that can run a project from inception, the point of damage restoration clear to the rebuild, remodel and damage recovery, call a professional remediation and restoration service like The CleanUP Guys!