Black Mold Removal Chicago

Black Mold Removal Chicago

After natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, excess moisture and standing water often contribute to the growth of mold in homes and other buildings. Floods from hurricanes, tornados, or just an overwhelming amount of rain can cause rivers and streams to overflow their banks, and with almost every weather-related disaster comes too much water. During the flood, your first thought is for the survival of your family and pets. Afterward comes the cleanup. You don’t know where to start.

First, call your insurance company to see if your house and possessions are covered and how much of the disaster cleanup is covered. As you are occupied with recuperating from other aspects of the event, rest assured The Cleanup Guys, who are experts in black mold removal, will work diligently to take care of evaluating the damage done to your home and will execute the proper procedures to rid your home of the most dangerous type of mold: black mold.

You will need experts in black mold removal to make sure your house is safe and that black mold is thoroughly removed. Black mold is classified as a toxic mold which is referred to as black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum. It often accompanies water damage and can be extremely toxic to any human or other living creature exposed to it. Despite its name, black mold is actually is a greenish-black color, and it may have a bumpy appearance. Since it is caused by water damage, the top layer is slimy to the touch.

Not only can you see and touch the black mold, but black mold also has a distinct smell to it. It smells very musty and a lot like mildew. But if the mold is located in AC units or air ducts, the smell cannot be detected until the air is blown through it, causing it to spread throughout your home. Like other types of mold, black mold is very adept at hiding in unseen areas of your home, such as behind wallpaper, under sinks and other places that are normally susceptible to other types of mold as well.

Within a week after the flood or disaster, the mold will begin to grow. It will often force out any other mold that is already nearby, and take over its environment. Black mold comes with water damage.


How Can I Detect Mold

Black mold can cause illness and respiratory problems especially in people who already have conditions such as asthma, COPD, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Even for those who do not, common symptoms of black mold include headaches, light-headedness, difficulty concentration, coughing, sneezing, throat irritation and watery eyes. For a time after a disaster, medical facilities and services may be over-extended with a great many suffering injuries and sicknesses due to the extreme conditions. But be sure not to ignore your symptoms, believing your health is only a result of stress or that your condition doesn’t matter, since so many are in worse condition. Get medical help right away for these conditions. In time, they will get worse.

The same way you must not delay getting help for you or your family, you need to also get help for your family right away. The longer you delay getting a black mold removal service like The CleanUP Guys, the black mold will spread and damage your home. When our service arrives we will inspect the damage from the mold, and advise you on which things are salvageable and which are not, and follow professional methods of black mold removal. Sometimes insurance companies and other black mold removal companies will put you off, asking you to wait for an evaluation or an estimate. The CleanUP Guys know that delay can cost your even more of your possessions, and more importantly, your health.

Keep the phone number of The CleanUP Guys, expert technicians in black mold removal, in an easily accessible place, such as in your wallet so that, when disaster strikes, you will know who to call. The CleanUP Guys at 773-885-8528.
The CleanUP Guys offers Black Mold Removal/Remediation Services at a very affordable price! We provide residential as well as commercial mold detection, inspection, and removal! All CleanUP Guys technicians are fully certified, and all work comes with a guarantee and a warranty.
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