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If you own a property and are dealing with moisture issues on any level rest assured you will probably have to deal with toxic black mold. There is much said today about this substance and the ill effects it has on us and our pets, endangering our environment. It may seem trivial to the average person, in fact, it can go unnoticed, ignored, and just flat out disregarded as something that just exists. That is the complete untruth in regards to black mold.

If you are wondering when or how black mold removal should be done, the quick and short of it is, immediately. It doesn’t take much for the spores from this nasty bacteria to start spreading rapidly. A slight brush against it, the right wind or airflow, can disturb the tiny particles and away they fly. Once airborne they can land on anything and patiently wait for the right circumstances to germinate and spread throughout the environment. Thus it is important not to take black mold lightly. By the time we decide to act on it, the results have become near devastating proportions.

Here is where The CleanUP Guys come in. We are certified experts in getting rid of black mold and cleaning the affected space. We use proper techniques to contain it, before we start the black mold removal procedure. Typically, moisture detection must be done right away. Water is the conduit for toxic black mold. Stagnate water is the worst feeding ground for any sort of toxic bacteria. In most cases just a simple mold remediation program can get rid of the nasty substance. However, there are times when wall, floor, or other surface removal needs to take place to properly contain and get rid of black mold. Because it is such a devouring bacteria, it can and will eat away at anything in its path, that is, anything porous (anything with minute spaces or holes that can allow moisture or air to penetrate). These materials include wood, dywall, sponges, pumice stones, cork, and human skin just to name a few.

When opening walls or floors to inspect for black mold, many find that it has eaten away at the very core or foundation of a property. The subsequent damage went unnoticed, and caused extensive damage that turned out to be quite costly to repair. Don’t put if off. 

The CleanUP Guys are experts at handling any type of black mold removal problem, whether it is commercial or residential. We have many customers who are now breathing better and living a better quality of life because of getting rid of black mold in their property. Let us help you to get your property back to normal with a mold remediation or black mold removal program for your particular project. Each black mold removal project is different and the scope to remediate varies from one level to another. Thus, to get an accurate assessment of the damage, either pictures, an inspection report, or a visual walk-through is absolutely necessary.

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