3 Tips for Maintaining Basement Carpets

Basements are versatile spaces in homes. Some people like to use basements as a place to store items or do their laundry. Others like to use their basements as living spaces. To make their living spaces more comfortable and cozy, they usually add in furniture and in some cases they also add carpets. Basement floor cleanup is essential.

Carpeted basements are a much more attractive option compared to plain concrete floors. It makes the room cozy and warm, just perfect for winter.

However, with carpets comes big responsibilities. Although they can cover up stains on your floors and hide uneven floors, carpets require maintenance, especially if they’re placed in basements where moisture is high and ventilation is lacking.

If you’re considering installing carpets in your basement or if you’ve already done so, these tips are perfect for you. So, what do you need to do to make sure your basement carpet remains in tip-top shape? We narrowed it down to 3 tips for maintaining basement carpets.

Basement Floor Cleanup Chicago

Techs cleanup a basement floor

With basement floor cleanup chicago use shaving cream and club soda to get rid of stains

Got a spill on your carpet? There are various home remedies to help you solve the problem but our first tip for you is to be quick. If you’re a bit tight on budget and hiring a professional isn’t an option, you can do these things to prevent permanent staining.

If you get a stain, don’t rub back and forth. Instead, try blotting it. Rubbing the stain may cause fibers of the carpet to break down and cause the stain the spread even further. Second, try shaving cream and club soda along with the blotting technique. 

Also, don’t just clean your carpet when you get stains. You need to clean your carpet regularly to remove germs, soil, and grease. You should be deep cleaning your carpets every 6 months.

Use a dehumidifier regularly

Since basements are prone to humidity, mold and mildew are bound to grow if you don’t take action. Sometimes leaks happen here and there and you might not know. So, what can you do to keep moisture levels low and your carpet free from mold growth?

If you haven’t installed your carpets yet and are still wondering which material to go with, we recommend synthetic carpeting because absorbent materials like wool can be prone to mold growth.

In addition to synthetic carpeting, use a dehumidifier regularly to keep the interior humidity low (ideally under 60%).

Check your appliances in case they leak

Our basements are a home for appliances such as water heaters, sump pumps, and washing machines. These appliances can leak from time to time so it’s important to take precaution and monitor your appliances.

Water heaters can leak due to a variety of reasons such as excess pressure in pipes, loose connections, and faulty valves. Washing machines located near carpeting that aren’t draining or functioning properly can leak onto the carpet

So, keep in mind to check your appliances regularly to make sure they’re not leaking onto your carpets.